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Eleuthero is an adaptogen which has been traditionally used for energizing and healing due to the plant's root properties. The herb has been used for adding energy and making a person more focused, as well as an anti-anxiety and anti-fatigue remedy. Eleuthero can be also used to cope with a chronic fatigue syndrome, to treat common colds, bronchitis, insomnia, high blood pressure and as an immune booster. Some people use Eleuthero to detox liver, to treat cancer and as an anti-viral medicine.
Eleuthero is also known as Siberian ginseng which offers additional energy in stressful periods, is advised by herbalists for tired and run-down patients, especially those suffering from stress. The herb includes active chemical components known as eleutherosides which inhibit the stress answer by reducing the adrenal cortex activity. Eleuthero has showed to balance serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. So, it is a natural mood enhancer which can also remove fatigue.

Another name of Eleuthero is "Siberian Ginseng", however, there's some confusion around its possible side effects. It is not recommended to be taken on a regular basis. But if it has to be taken regularly the dosage should be strictly moderated. Still, the science has recently proved that eleuthero is not a "true" ginseng, and it doesn't carry the dangers of some types of ginseng. It's a good idea to study the eleuthero health impacts before starting to use any supplement.
Eleuthero root side effects are mainly mild or are absent completely. As it offers a lot of energy and concentration, it's not advised to take eleuthero root before going to bed, otherwise you will suffer from temporary insomnia. But if you are a person who has faces the difficulty with falling asleep and sleeping, it is better to avoid eleuthero at all. Healthy people have to take eleuthero three hours before going to bed. Overdosing of the product can cause serious side effects such as muscle spasms and high blood pressure.