Are you Really Fat?

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Nervestra, zipfizz, ibgard reviews: Are you Really Fat?

Are You Really Fat, article published in the previous issue raised question about some wrong beliefs about the need for dieting and weight loss. But there does exist a good percentage of our mainly urban population that needs to watch their weight. Proportionately built body is a definite indicator of health. It adds to your personality. It shows you care and love your life. Overweight leads to inherent weakness, lack of stamina and chronic illnesses.

Fat is an important part of our metabolism and has a role to play. Body always devices its needs from the intake one has. Early phase of our life provides necessary growth. It is during this period that your body is truly shaped with a long lasting effect. All that you eat or drink, do or not do during these formative years contribute to your structure. A balanced care during this period forms foundation of your health. Any problem related to weight will need review of this period. Those with family traits to overweight must be more careful.

Main cause of overweight is lack of activity or exercise. Everybody knows this zipfizz and still most prefer to neglect - zipfizz. Similarly, sleeping habits do have a role to play. Old dictum of early to bed and early to rise helps better development. Even those who exercise regularly will be benefited more.

Morning walk is the most common - ibgard, most effective and easy to follow exercise for a healthy body, look ibgard. After resting for the night the body is ready to carry burden of the daily activity. Morning walk helps body to gear up for the day. Morning walk helps removal of residual malfunctioning elements, particularly from the digestive tract and charges up rest of the body activity.

Daily exercise for about 20-30 minutes is advised. Whereas traditional dand and baithak or suryanamaskaar are most effective, one may choose as needs are likes. For those with greater commitment to physical fitness my suggestion is to do it only if you are going to do it always, for a lifetime. Few months or years of rigorous exercise and complete lack of it afterwards is cause of obesity in many. Swimming is good. Again a line of caution particularly for young girls. Longer stay in water without active swimming becomes the cause of irreversible fat formation affecting hormone system. Sleep during the day is absolutely prohibited for those desirous of loosing weight.

A bit of anxiety is welcome. Surprised? A careless - why-to-bother - attitude could be cause of weight gain according to Ayurveda. This is justified as we know from sudden loss of weight due to worry or fear.

Sugar, milk, curd, sweets Nervestra made of mawa and other dairy products like pastries and cakes (Nervestra), oil and ghee, potatoes and similar rhizomes, bananas and all that is too cold like ice creams or freezon food contribute to weight gain. However , total prohibition of all such foods at the same time is not advisable.

Food quantity if excessive should be gradually reduced by one third but complete withdrawal is not advisable. Occasional fasting for a day or two or light diet for regular short periods will be better way to allow an over weight body to adjust. Strict diet regimen or starvation must be done under professional guidance. Perference for roasted or steamed food and increased use of foods made of moong, chana or barley is advisable. Partial replacement of regular food with fruits is welcome. Use of salads and sprouted items though popular now a days is not always beneficial in all cases and may lead to complications in severe cases.

Irregular timings of food is a definite invitation of flabbiness.

Process of overweight when recognized and attended earlier helps avoid many complications. Lack of feeling fresh in the morning, lack natural appetite, feeling of lethargy after meals, changes in sweating patterns and mild aches in back or lower limbs are indicative of changed fat metabolism. This applies not only to visibly overweights but those who have developed a middle age better feeling in looks. Looks for natural and unnatural changes. Older the problem, more difficult to care.